Alexa Amazon App

Get the Alexa Amazon app installed on your mobile device to ensure that you enjoy features of all the supported devices. Whichever operating system your phone or tablet works on, there is a suitable app in the respective app store of the particular device. And when you have the app, you can explore the following menu options;

  • Music
  • Video
  • Books
  • Lists
  • Alexa Skills
  • Smart Home
  • Settings
Alexa Amazon App
Alexa Amazon App


The app allows you to choose music from a wide range of services. Just ensure that your device has the capability to compete with the minimum requirements though.


If you have an Echo device, you will still be able to stream videos but however, with only audio playback. In case, you have a Fire Tablet or other Amazon devices that support a display screen, then you must explore this menu option.


For owners of Fire tablets and Kindle devices, this is a must-have, where you can purchase your favorite e-books. Besides, there is a huge collection of free books under this genre for all users of the Alexa Amazon app.


This is nothing but your shopping or to-do-list which you can access from any device such as your Amazon tab or even the Alexa Echo. It helps you stay organized irrespective of where you are as long as you have access to the app.

All Skills

The Alexa Skills is mainly for Echo users who wish to add many different skills to their device. Once added, they are invoked by key phrases which in turn completes a relevant action for you.

Smart Home

This menu option is definitely a good pick as it allows you to control all smart home appliances. It can be your room lights, themes, security cameras, doors, colors and much more. To learn how to control your home appliances using this menu option, visit our BLOGS section.


The most important thing that you can do with the Alexa Amazon app is review the settings of various Alexa devices. This may include changes in name, location, preferences or the time zone. Sometimes, it also gives access to distance measurements, however only available with specific devices.

Did you know that almost all Android devices, mobile phones, TVs and tablets, can connect to the Alexa Amazon app. You just need to use the microphone icon to make use of this feature from your desired Android device. This is a hands-free technique to help you access many functions with a simple voice command.

How to Install the Alexa Amazon App

  • On your compatible device, visit the app store first
  • And then, explore and find the app
  • Check if it is the voice-enabled application
  • Install it
  • Launch the app and create a login for yourself (This can also be done from a PC)
  • Using the menu option, connect to several Alexa-enabled devices from a single login

The app is available free of cost and in case you are unable to install it or use it effectively, then, give us a call at +1-844-710-6010 or visit

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