Alexa Parental Controls

New Alexa Echo Dot model and Echo Dot Kids’ edition entertain your kids with amazing features. As it is the best option for entertainment, most of the kids love using it. If you have a kid at your home, setup the device and encourage them to use it. But the risky part is that there are chances that your kids may misuse it. There are some kids who do not know how to use it. Hence setting up the Alexa Parental Controls on Echo Dot Kids’ edition plays a major role to prevent unauthorized usage. To set these controls, complete the device setup first, and connect it to the respective Alexa app. Open the app and navigate to the respective settings to use these controls.

Alexa Parental Controls
Alexa Parental Controls

To Set the Parental Controls on Alexa

Enable Free Time – Feature for New Users

For new users, there is an option called enable free time. As you set the feature, you can block content that you do not want your kids to watch and this is indeed, one of the most important Alexa Parental Controls.

  • To enable these settings, you can open the Alexa app and select the Alexa device name that you use
  • Visit the respective settings and go to the section, general
  • Now find out the free time category and tap on it
  • The next step will prompt you to provide the required data that includes the name of the child, gender and birth date
  • The last step is to click on the Add child tab and log in with the Amazon account credentials
  • The ‘Enable free time’ feature is now active and you can start using it

Time Limits – Setting Up for the Device

With the help of these settings, you can set the time limit for your kids to watch a specific program. You can filter the age and set the programs accordingly. This includes setting the time limits to watch videos, play music, use the apps and a lot more.

Set a Pin for Secure Usage

Some kids do not know how to use the device and will always end up in trouble. Setting up a pin is one of the Alexa Parental Controls which can prevent your kids from accidentally misusing the device.

Do Not Disturb Feature

This feature will prevent the continuous ad-on or voice messages or the notifications that pop up. All you need to do is to log in to the Alexa app, visit the respective settings, select the device name and then, locate the ‘Do not disturb’ option.

Apart from the above listed parental control features, there are other features too. Set the Alexa Parental Controls especially for the latest kids’ edition and ensure secure usage of your device. If you have a device and you do not know how to set the parental controls, suggest you to navigate to our webpage Alexa Echo Setup and read the information provided or call us at +1-844-710-6010.

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