Alexa Tips and Tricks

In the current trend, most of the people own Alexa devices as their personal assistant. Amazon is updating various features to the Alexa device periodically in order to offer users a great experience of automation. There are multiple hidden things and features in the Alexa device that a user must know to avail them. So, be ready to explore various fascinating features in the Alexa device. Alexa tips and tricks for various features are explained below.

Alexa Tips and Tricks
Alexa Tips and Tricks

Multiple Accounts in Single Alexa

So, your Alexa device is not made to hold only one account. You can use multiple accounts with a single device and with just a simple voice command of ‘Alexa! Switch profile’ you can change your account to use the Echo device. To add more accounts, sign in to the Under the ‘settings’ option, go to account and then, Household profile. You don’t need to have any confusion in which account you are currently using with the Alexa. Just ask ‘Alexa, which profile am I using currently?’ and get the answer instantly.

Modify Your Wake Word

Zero interest in using ‘Alexa’ as a wake word for your device? You can change your device name as per your own choice. To switch the wake word of Alexa device, go to the Alexa app and click the devices icon. Select your device and click ‘Wake word’. You can select from the list dropped down and finally click ‘ok’.  Also by saying, ‘Alexa, change the wake word’, you can alter your wake word for the device.

Alexa as a Radio Alarm Clock

You can make your Alexa to wake you up by a favorite song. Just give a voice command of, ‘Alexa, wake me up to (Song name) at (Time)’. Now you can get a pleasing alarm notification from your Alexa device.

Alter the Voice and Accent

Bored of hearing the same voice and accent like all other Alexa devices? No worries, now you can change the voice and accent of your Alexa with some simple steps. Go to settings in the Alexa app then, choose your device and go to the bottom of the page to select the Language and choose your desired choice in the list.

Take Easy Control of Your Smartphone

Alexa users don’t need to tap on the mobile and make calls or to play music etc. You can connect your smartphone with the Alexa device and by saying commands like ‘Alexa, call Mom’ or ‘Alexa, play music’; you can easily handle your smartphone activities.

Easy Reset

So, you may ask, ‘whether facing any technical issues and get stuck, how to reset my Alexa device easily like the smartphone?’ The answer is a big yes. To reset your Alexa, unplug and re-plug your device and connect with the internet network from the beginning. Even after you find any issues in restarting the device, look for the small reset button in the bottom portion of the echo device. Press that button to reset. To get more information about interesting Alexa tips and tricks, call our toll-free number +1-844-710-6010 or visit Alexa Echo Setup.

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