Alexa Skills

A skill is nothing but what your device can do for you, and the Amazon devices are equipped with Alexa skills. These are things that the device can do inherently and you can always add to the skills kit by putting forth new queries. Some of the different skill types include;

  • Custom skill
  • Smart Home skill API
  • Video skill API
  • Flash Briefing skill API
Amazon Alexa Skills
Amazon Alexa Skills

Now, why don’t we have a look at the various Alexa skills specific to each of the above-mentioned categories.

Custom Skill

For this type of a skill, the user must make sure that your device understands the request that you put forward to it. Therefore, you must define it; some common commands which fall under this skill type are;

  • Order a burger
  • Book a taxi
  • Play puzzles with the user
  • Look up information regarding the weather

Each of these requests will then be re-directed to intent which was earlier defined by the user of the device. For example, you can define intents such as OrderFood or BookACab which will be invoked by keywords that contain phrases similar to the intent.

Existing Skills

There are hundreds of Alexa skills available for download for your Echo device and some sample ones are discussed here.

Delivery and Takeout

Pumpkin Spice Tracker

This is the best place for seasonal beverages and you can let Echo help you order one for you. And the skill gets invoked when you use the key phrase, “Pumpkin Spice tracker”.


By simply asking Alexa, “Open Denny’s”, place an order for your favorite Denny’s meals. Once you reach them, you can place an order using the guided process.

Tummy Translations

Yet another food skill that brings to you some excellent meals from their own choice. And “Tum tum” is the keyword that you ought to use to invoke this particular skill.

Smart Home


Do you want to check the exact temperature of something that’s cooking in your kitchen? Then, use the FireBoard skill which is one of the Alexa skills under the Smart home category.

Philips Hue

Enable this skill on the Alexa app and then, make interactions with your lights, rooms or colors more interesting. The skill is invoked by simple commands that involve your household items.

Smart Door Lock

You can turn any door into a smart door with the help of this skill after which you can use simple commands such as “Open the door guard” to invoke the skill.

How to Enable an Alexa Skill

You can enable Alexa skills with the help of our easy guidelines given herein;

  • Install and access the Amazon Alexa App first
  • Then, navigate to the SKILLS option under menu
  • Explore and choose a skill of your choice
  • There are many categories to choose from
  • After you make a choice, simply select the ENABLE SKILL option
  • Moreover, you can look for invoking commands in the skill’s description

If at all, you are unable to make a choice or need help in enabling one, then, give us a call at our toll-free number +1-844-710-6010 or visit

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