Amazon Echo Multiple Devices

Both the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot have come to dominate the connected home devices market leaving many of the players far behind. These are now, some of the trendiest home devices ever available. Together, these gadgets bring a range of connected skills to an existing set speakers that a user already possesses.

Setting up Amazon Echo Multiple Devices

Follow the same steps as you did, when you setup your first device if you wish to add a new Echo or Dot to your home. Look for an icon on the right bottom that indicates the devices hub, just as you open the Alexa app. Then do the same procedure that you did previously.

Go to the settings section, too, to get the same outcome with your Alexa account, on a desktop PC. There is no need to set up all the elements again because it adopts the skill of the existing device and even links to an account that is already present.

When you are using the Amazon Echo Multiple Devices make sure you are adhering to the Echo Spatial Perception. Which means, the Echo should be contiguous so that it can respond to you appropriately. This remains true to both older and newer generation Echo devices.

Amazon Echo Multiple Devices
Amazon Echo Multiple Devices

Function and features of multiple echo devices

While there aren’t many drastic changes in core functionalities, you can accomplish a lot more in terms of attributes, the moment the devices double up. The two devices do not really sync with each other and there are seldom any instances where they can achieve singing in harmony. But individually, they do work well.


Some services already present in your Alexa account, will also be available on the other Echo devices in your home. At the same time, you can add a shopping list or a task-list that is immediately available on other devices as well. You can append your task list verbally through any of the echo devices and have it sent on your phone. All your echo devices come with synced information and calendars that you have already set up.

Multiple locations and groups

You also have the multi-room setup feature that lets you play music across all of the devices in your home. To do this you must first, group the devices. First register your Amazon Echo with Alexa devices to single Amazon account. Then ensure that they are all turned on and attuned to the same Wi-Fi network. Then set up for multi-room music using the Alexa app and create a group.

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device whenever you are ready
  • Thereafter, do the following
  • Tap “Create Custom” and enter a name or Select a pre-set group name and then select NEXT
  • You will receive a confirmation from Alexa that a group has been created
  • Then you just have to ask Alexa to play a song on a specific group’s name.

If you want more information about which of Alexa Echo setup devices actually support this feature, seek our expert’s advice at +1-844-710-6010.

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