Control smart TV with Alexa and start making the required selections. It is the best speaker model. Speak, and all your commands will be followed right away. If you have a Smart TV, then start controlling it using the Alexa device.

The top features and specifications of the device make it stand ahead in the market today when compared with other speakers. Check out the reviews available and definitely, Alexa will be the best choice. There area lot of models available such as Amazon Alexa first generation, second generation and the third generation.

Let us Know More About the Steps to Control Smart TV with Alexa Device

Some TV models do not have the microphone button and in that case, we suggest making use of the Alexa device for controlling the TV.  If the device has the microphone button, press and hold it once.

Control Smart TV with Alexa
Control Smart TV with Alexa

Switch on Both the Devices

To Control smart TV with Alexa, you just need to do is to switch on both the devices first and then connect all the required cables. Make sure that you connect the cables properly in the required position. After that just proceed with the steps below.  It is also important to check the compatibility of the device before you proceed further.

Download the Alexa app

  • Alexa app becomes an essential requisite for using the device. Just find out the right app from the store and then tap on the download tab. You can wait until the process is complete
  • Open the app and link the device using the menu tab. Start scrolling down towards the bottom of the screen. Search for the option, link the device, and choose your device model name. Wait for some time until your device gets automatically connected
  • Now speak using your voice to select the name of the actor, director, Music or the Movie which you want to stream

Switch on your Alexa device and TV, download the Alexa app from the store and start controlling your device using your voice. Make the required selections and enjoy watching the top and best programs that you like. The best part is that all your search results will pop up on the screen within a short time.

Are you Stuck with Errors Using the Device?

If you are really stuck with the errors suggest you to make use of the available troubleshooting tips to resolve it right away. If the error is with the app that you use, uninstall the app and try installing the latest one. Suggest you restart the device and most of the errors will resolve right away. Check and then verify the settings of your device and make sure that it is accurate.

Get more support and guidance to control smart TV with Alexa by referring the articles and blogs available on our webpage Alexa Echo Setup. You can also ring the support number +1-844-710-6010 and speak to our executives to know more about Alexa devices and their other attributes.

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