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Spotify, the most popular music streaming service, is now available to use with your Alexa device. If you love music, the Spotify subscription will be one of the best choices. Set up your Alexa device first, get the Spotify subscription; and you will surely have the best time listening to your favorite tunes. The best part of Alexa Spotify is, there are more than 71 million subscribers for Spotify.

Stpes To use and Activate Alexa Spotify

Let us have a quick review of the steps to use Spotify on Alexa

Activate Alexa Spotify
Activate Alexa Spotify
  • To use the Alexa Spotify subscription you just need to link the Alexa app. Connect the required cables to the device and then switch it on. Power cable will help to power up your device
  • Connect the device to a good speed network connection and most of the users prefer wireless network connection to obtain better output
  • Open the app and navigate to the respective menu to find the required settings. Search for the Alexa preferences subheading and then select the option Music and media
  • The very next step is to link the device to the Spotify account. A green button will be visible and as you tap on it you will be prompted to log in to the account. Users who do not have an account can create a new one by visiting the respective page or by contacting the service provider
  • As you wait a screen will appear stating that your Alexa device is successfully linked to the Spotify account
  • The Alexa settings menu that is available on the Music and media section is where you check if the account is successfully linked
  • A default music library section will be visible and you can choose Spotify as the default option
  • Tap on the done button that is located at the bottom of the screen
  • Now the settings are done and you can speak to your Alexa to play music and top playlists, songs, genres of music on Spotify

Alternate Method – Use the Alexa Spotify App

 Visit the store and start your search in the tab and wait; until the compatible Alexa Spotify app is visible on the screen. Open the app from your Smartphone or tablet and then, navigate to the bottom of the home screen and start typing the name of the song that you like

The very next page will prompt to select the name of the Alexa device. Choose the name of the device from the list and go forward with the onscreen instructions to connect to the app.

If you come across any errors while connecting the Alexa Spotify app to the Alexa device check the compatibility of the app. Just identify the type of error first and then proceed with the respective guide.

Connect the Alexa Spotify to the Alexa device and start playing the favorite music that you like. Speak to our agents to know more and to get more updates. All you need to do is to just ring the support number that is available on our webpage

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